About the Workshop

The Arctic Field Safety Risk Management Workshop, a two-day meeting of scientists, safety and risk management experts, NSF staff, and support providers, is being organized by RSL program managers Renée Crain and Pat Haggerty in coordination with their arctic research support and logistics contractor, CH2MHILL Polar Services (CPS).


  • Discuss current RSL program risk management policies and procedures to improve practices, communication, etc.
  • Explore other program and agency field risk management approaches and programs
  • Increase research community engagement in risk management – including participation at the research institution level
  • Initiate a community of practice for arctic field safety risk management

The developing agenda includes topics covering hazards and challenges of land- and marine-based Arctic research; policies such as requirements for physical qualifications; current status of the safety and field training programs; institutional and PI responsibility; and future challenges for field safety in the Arctic.

Desired outcomes:

  • A summary report or white paper
  • A charter to establish a working group on safety and risk management for long-term involvement of field researchers and other experts in arctic safety.


Participation at the workshop is by invitation. Organizers have developed a list of potential attendees representing a diversity of academic disciplines, field work types (i.e., remote camping vs. marine-based work), research locations and experience levels. You are welcome to recommend colleagues for consideration as well. To recommend a colleague, please contact Renée Crain or Pat Haggerty.

Travel Support:

Participants generally will be expected to cover their own travel and lodging expenses, though the NSF will consider specific requests.