The workshop is designed to encourage your active participation, with discussions led by subject experts and break-out group activities filling the agenda. To prepare, please review information available at the following links.

NSF Documents

NSF Grant General Conditions – Sections #1 and #43

NSF Award and Administration Guide –  Section VI. M. 1. (at the end)

Field Safety & Risk Management Overview – Written by Jim Karcher, NSF/GEO/PLR safety officer

The “PQ” Process

Arctic Program Policy on Physical Qualifications – on CPS website

Physical Qualification: Standard Operating Procedure 301

Field Training and Other Resources for Arctic Researchers

Arctic Field Training – on CPS website

Researcher Resources – on CPS website

Includes Know Before You Go – the breadth of information to gather before leaving

Risk Assessment Template – tool for considering field safety from a variety of angles

Field Safety Risk Management Packet – important documents and forms bundled for researchers

Please check back for updates.